Spire: Chapter 29-part 1

(Click here for links to previous chapters.) “You shouldn’t be the one who always takes the risks.”  Mynar is being permitted to ‘protect’ the Keep.  Provided he and his guards don’t go beyond the inner wall.  Father and Mother are in her tower, surrounded by the full contingent of both of their guards, and my … Continue reading Spire: Chapter 29-part 1

Spire: Chapter 27-part 2

(Click here for links to other chapters.) “Is the lot guarded.”  I interrupt father’s daydreams of a quick and easy solution. “A full company,” the Captain answers me. “Then we had better dig the rest of it up tomorrow, and see if there is anything else.” “You think there is more there?”  Alan looks excited. … Continue reading Spire: Chapter 27-part 2


I am having major problems with my internet.   Mostly down, with random minutes when it is working fine.   I’ve ordered a new cable modem, since mine is rather elderly when counting in technology years, and am talking to my provider. Since I started, I have posted every Monday (my time zone, of course).  Admittedly, a … Continue reading Note