Spire: Chapter 34

(Click her for links to prior chapters.) The ball was a great success. Mother tells the Steward to inform the staff how pleased she is with their efforts, and father adds his thanks, so everyone is in a good mood.  Even Jes has volunteered that dancing is interesting.  My ladies have offered private lessons, and … Continue reading Spire: Chapter 34

Spire: Chapter 31–part 2

(Click here for links to other chapters.) Jes comes in, interrupting us.  “The king wants you Adava.  An outland ship is sailing up the river, flying a flag of truce.”  Unusual. We receive their delegation in court, father wearing his crown, and me wearing light armor and the Sword.  Jes is there wearing the armor … Continue reading Spire: Chapter 31–part 2

Spire: Chapter 31-part 1

(Click here for links to previous chapters.) I preside alone at the evening meal; father and mother dine cozily before her solar fire. We are nearing the end of the meal before Mynar, Jes and Alan return.  They are wet, and cold, and happy.  The unknown language has been identified, but they won’t tell me … Continue reading Spire: Chapter 31-part 1

Spire: Chapter 30-part 2

(Click her for links to previous chapters.) Slowly the bodies are burned and the damage from the attack repaired.  The soldiers keep watch in case the raiders regroup and try again. “I don’t really think they will,” Taver explains to me and Jes late one afternoon.  “They counted on the Sword being dormant, and on … Continue reading Spire: Chapter 30-part 2

Spire: Chapter 30-part 1

(Click here for links to prior chapters.) I sit huddled in my bed, freezing even though the room is warm.  I can’t sleep without nightmares, the Sorcerer’s head rolling across cobblestones.  I don’t regret killing him, more of our men would have died if I hadn’t killed him, but the dreams won’t stop.  He is … Continue reading Spire: Chapter 30-part 1